5 Tips to Teaching Teens Safe Driving Habits

Having insurance coverage from Alliance General Insurance Agency in Denver, CO will protect your teen in the event of an accident. Insurance, however, won’t reduce the risk of accidents. Safe driving increases a teen’s level of safety on the road which can help prevent accidents from occurring. The following tips can help you teach your teen safe driving habits.

Set Strict Standards

Rather than give your teens free reign to drive a vehicle after receiving their license, consider imposing driving restrictions that will encourage your children to drive responsibly to earn greater freedom. Some restrictions could include limited night driving, limited passengers (teen friends) in the vehicle, and restricting the use of cell phones while driving.

Share Family Vehicle

Consider having your teen share the use of your family vehicle as opposed to buying him a car of his own. Teens are more likely to drive responsibly in their family’s vehicle.

Impose Consequences

Depending on the teen, you may want to impose consequences for driving recklessly or breaking restrictions. Consequences could include a loss of driving privileges temporarily or restricting driving to and from certain locations during certain times.

Set the Example

If you want your teens to learn how to drive safely then show them how through example. Stay within speed limits, don’t text or talk on your cell when driving, and avoid tailgating. Be a conscientious and courteous driver. Your teen will learn to do the same. Teach your teens the importance of practicing defensive driving.

Maintain Adequate Insurance Coverage

Safe driving includes having adequate car insurance to protect yourself and others on the road. By discussing insurance options with a representative from Alliance General Insurance Agency in Denver CO, you can obtain the insurance coverage you need. Reach out to us by phone or feel free to visit our office.