Why Homeowners Need Liability Insurance

At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we understand our clients need a comprehensive home insurance policy customized to their home and their budget. One critical area not to overlook is liability insurance. When you meet with your agent, you’ll learn more about the importance of a policy that offers a high level of liability insurance. It may protect you from costly lawsuits and legal fees.

What Does Liability Insurance Do?

Liability insurance provides financial support to the homeowner if and when a claim of negligence is made against them. For example, if a child is visiting your home falls and hits his head, you may be responsible for any medical bills required to help that child. Liability insurance can also help in instances of someone falling outdoors, such as tripping on your uneven driveway. Perhaps a branch from your tree falls on the neighborhoods roof, damaging his home during a storm. This is an instance where you may be responsible for the losses.

Why Does It Matter to You?

Since we serve a broad range of residents throughout the Denver, CO area, we often find that liability insurance claims are rather common. Any one of the previous examples can result in expensive costs. If such a claim goes to court or a lawsuit is filed, you may even have to pay an attorney to defend you. With liability insurance, many of these costs do not come out of your pocket.

Get the Help You Need Today

Serving Denver, CO, Alliance General Insurance Agency provides a broad range of home insurance policies to minimize your financial risk in owning a home. It is always our goal to help you find the right fit. Call our experienced home insurance agents to learn more about the coverage we offer to help meet your goals.