Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Property Damage?

If you own a motorcycle, there’s a good likelihood that it is one of your pride and joys. After all, motorcycles are an American favorite and there is nothing better than enjoying a scenic ride through the outskirts of Denver, CO while feeling the wind blow over your body on a warm sunny day. And while owning a motorcycle is great, it is also paramount that you protect it with the right type of insurance coverage. So Alliance General Insurance Agency brings forth the question:

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

With any type of vehicle, the amount of coverage that you get with motorcycle insurance will depend on the type of policy that you invest in. The higher the amount of coverage, the better protected you will be in regards to compensation. With a liability package, you will only cover property damage and the damage to other cars that are involved in a claim in which you are at fault. 

With a higher level of coverage, you can have peace of mind in knowing that greater compensation will be provided to help deter the cost of damage that occurs to your motorcycle in a claim. For example, if you have full coverage motorcycle insurance, then this means collision coverage is provided. If your motorcycle is involved in an accident and becomes damaged and the other person who is at fault does not have insurance, your insurance can kick in and pay for the damage that occurs to your bike. If you don’t have the monies to pay for damages to your bike, a motorcycle coverage plan would benefit you and keep you financially stable.

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