Should You Change Your Homeowner’s Policy When your House is for Sale?

Selling a home is an experience. There are a thousand of little things you never think about until you’re faced with the situation. One of those things might include your insurance policy. It’s not uncommon to wonder how your policy should change when you put your house on the market.

If You Still Live There

It’s not entirely uncommon for people to live in a house until a buyer commits. In these cases, you want to keep a fairly standard policy. You can look into boosting coverage in the short-term just to make sure a minor inconvenience isn’t going to be a deal breaker for buyers. You should also contact your rep at Alliance General Insurance Agency. You want to be sure that they are aware that the house is up for sale and you are prepared to change policies expediently when the time comes.

If the House Is Empty

This is the more common situation, and it represents a unique situation for insurers. Most people don’t realize that empty houses are actually higher risk items than occupied homes. The major reason for this is vandals. When people realize a house is vacant, it becomes a popular target for unscrupulous individuals. Because of this, insurance policies for empty homes are considerably different in scope. They focus on the unique risks and worry less about the problems that only frequent occupied dwellings.

Depending on circumstances, vacant-home policies can have higher premiums than filled homes. A few tricks that might mitigate this (every policy is unique) include alarm or monitoring systems, hiring a live-in caretaker or including regular checkups in a realtor contract. Potential savings will vary, but it might be worth investing in a little extra security to make sure your empty home stays appealing to buyers in Denver, CO.

Insurance can be complicated, and the full range of options rarely fits into a short blog post. If you want help with consideration, just have a conversation with your contact at Alliance General Insurance Agency in Denver, CO. We’ll be happy to help.