Home insurance coverages in Denver CO

Purchasing a homeowners insurance guarantees financial compensation in the event of damage or destruction by storms, fire, and theft. The home is probably one of the most significant financial investment in Denver, CO. It does not just protect you from the dangers that come with this litigious society but also covers for your family and friends. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to compromise your family’s security by not having a home insurance policy.

However, you need to be well informed about all the basic coverages and the optional premium coverages. At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we guide and advise homeowners on the various options they can get based on their budgets. So, what does home insurance cover?

  • The home: This includes all the components that make the house and its surroundings. They include the floor, walls, and the roof.
  • Other separate structures: This policy covers the structures that are in the compound but not attached to the house. They include the stand-alone garage, the fence, and the shed. 
  • Personal property: This is one of the most essentials in a home insurance policy. It covers all yours and your family’s personal items like clothes, appliances, furniture, electronics and more.
  • liability: This policy protects you against lawsuits from other parties due to bodily harm that happened in your house or that you or your family members may have inflicted on someone else.
  • loss of use: In case your home is brought down by fire or earthquake which renders it unlivable, this policy will help you find a temporary home 

Your house is where you keep some of your most pricey items, it is where families and memories are created. Let Alliance General Insurance Agency help you safeguard it by providing you with various comparable policies. Our insurance experts can also advise you on the best package. Call us or visit us in Denver, CO today.