Will My Condo Insurance Cover Items Outside My Home?

The general rule of thumb with condo insurance in Denver, CO: If it’s inside the building, it’s your responsibility. If it’s outside, it’s covered by the insurance you’ve bought through your condo association.

But there are exceptions. If you rent a pre-furnished condo, those couches and chairs belong to your landlord, and your landlord covers them. And, outside possessions are covered by your condo insurance.

That means garden gnomes, lawn flamingos, doormats, anything, as long as it’s on your inventory.

There may be some exceptions, but these will generally be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you leave your bicycle out on the walkway every night with no bike lock on it, that may count as negligence on your part. Likewise, if you’re bringing boxes into your home while moving in and you decide to leave a few out until morning, and they get stolen.

You don’t need to memorize a long list of rules as to what will and won’t count as negligence on your part. Your condo insurance provider really just wants you to practice common sense. If your items are stolen or damaged, they’ll usually be covered, just so long as you didn’t create a circumstance with an especially high risk of loss or damages.

But where else are you going to put your garden gnome but in your garden? If it belongs outside, you’re probably covered. If it doesn’t belong outside, you might not be. Practice common sense, don’t tempt thieves and vandals anymore than you need to, and you should be covered.

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