Can High Altitudes Affect Your Home In Colorado?

Denver, CO’s high altitude offers homeowners here some of the cleanest air in the country, it makes for beautiful sunsets, and the night sky puts you so close to the stars it feels like you could touch them. However, the high-altitude brings some downsides, as well. Some people have serious trouble adjusting to the thinner oxygen, for instance. Many athletics teams will train at higher altitudes in order to develop greater endurance for playing at lower altitudes.

Differences in altitudes can even affect your home. For instance, while heat rises, air also tends to cool on its way up. This means that a hot Summer day may actually turn out to be quite mild in Denver, CO, it also helps to explain why the Winters here can be so cold. At the same time, the sun tends to beat down a little harder at a higher altitude, so even on a fifty degree day, you may see your roof tiles start to warp from the direct sunlight blasting at them all afternoon. The sun can also damage the color of your home, bleaching it out. You can use tinted windows to keep the sun from fading your carpets too quickly.

There tends to be less moisture this far away from the sea level, and on the upside, this means that mold usually doesn’t set in in Colorado unless there’s a long history of neglect. But the dryness can do a lot of damage to hardwood floors and wooden foundations, leading to cracking and splintering.

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