What You Need To Know About Insuring A Second Home

If you own a second home in Denver, CO, whether it’s a vacation home, an investment property that you’re waiting to flip when the market is looking up, a rental home, or just something you’re saving for retirement, you’re going to find that insuring it is a little different from insuring your primary home.

The big difference: If that home is unoccupied, then you’re going to be paying higher liabilities.

Some insurers might not even cover a home that is unoccupied for more than six or twelve months at a time.

The reasoning behind this is pretty simple: If something happens, there’s nobody around to fix it. This means that if a pipe bursts, nobody’s going to know until it’s already flooded the home. If there’s a break-in, it might be a year before you find out and file a report. If there’s a rodent infestation, they’re probably going to have chewed through a lot of wires by the time you call an exterminator.

An easy way to fix this: Get someone in that home. If it’s a rental property, don’t leave it unoccupied for too long. If it’s a vacation home, see if you have any friends looking for a quick getaway. Or, take this as an excuse to take that vacation you keep talking about. The longer your home goes unoccupied, the bigger a risk you, and your insurer, are taking on.

You’ll also want to let your insurer know when your home is going to be unoccupied. If you’re buying a new policy on a second Denver, CO home from Alliance General Insurance Agency, let them know it’s a second home, and Alliance General Insurance Agency will set you up with the policy you need.

Is Your Home Protected Against the Risk of Holiday Accidents?

The holiday season was made for festive celebrations. Whether you’re planning family dinners or holiday gatherings with neighbors and friends, you’ll need to prepare your home for the influx of visitors. Part of this preparation is reviewing your home insurance to ensure you’re covered against any eventuality. The right home insurance coverage from Alliance General Insurance Agency will protect your Denver, CO home against holiday accidents that can disrupt your festivities. Here’s how home insurance can protect you during the holidays.  

Dwelling Coverage

If an accidental grease fire gets out of control when preparing holiday meals, it could cause substantial structural damage to your home. Dwelling coverage protects you against fire damage so you can recuperate your losses. Dwelling insurance also protects you against natural disasters like severe snowstorms that are common in Colorado during winter. Ideally, you should have sufficient dwelling coverage to rebuild your Denver CO home in the event of a major disaster.

Property Coverage

When you have a house full of guests, there’s a greater risk of accidental damage to personal property. You may sustain scratches on your new dining room table, rips on costly living room furniture or stains on expensive carpeting. Children may break a valuable heirloom during rowdy play. Property insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing goods that are accidentally damaged during the holidays.  

Liability Coverage

If a grandparent slips and falls while visiting your home or an aunt suffers a kitchen burn while helping with holiday cooking, liability coverage will help cover their medical costs. Liability coverage protects you against accidental injuries visitors have on your property, so you don’t have to pay for their medical expenses out-of-pocket.

For quality home insurance coverage to protect you against holiday accidents and disasters, contact Alliance General Insurance Agency in Denver, CO. 

How Should I Insure Antique Items?

Homeowners in Colorado are not mandated to carry insurance on their homes, however, many lenders will require them to do so. It’s also not uncommon for people without mortgages to purchase a policy to protect against unforeseen disasters. 

If You Have Antiques

Vintage items can come in many different categories. For example, you could have a collection of stamps, a wine cellar, baseball cards, fine jewelry or dishes. When you purchase a policy, you cannot assume that these things will be automatically incorporated. Instead, you will need to make your agent aware of your items, asking about them individually. 

The reason for this is that your valuables may exceed the limits of your indemnification, although your plan may include some provision for these heirlooms. You will likely need to work with your broker to develop either a floater or an endorsement. 

A floater is simply a separate policy for your antiques, while an endorsement, sometimes called a rider, is like an addendum added onto your policy. You’ll first need to take inventory of anything you have that needs to be protected, and you will then need to have them appraised. This will provide a written record for you if you should ever need to make a claim. You will want to have these items insured for their current value, and this can change as time goes on. You may need to obtain a new appraisal every now, and always be sure to present these documents to your insurance company. 

Contact Alliance General Insurance Agency of Denver, CO 

At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we serve the residents of Denver, CO, providing them with insurance packages to best suit their needs. Reach out with any questions you may have, and we look forward to working with you!

Home insurance coverages in Denver CO

Purchasing a homeowners insurance guarantees financial compensation in the event of damage or destruction by storms, fire, and theft. The home is probably one of the most significant financial investment in Denver, CO. It does not just protect you from the dangers that come with this litigious society but also covers for your family and friends. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to compromise your family’s security by not having a home insurance policy.

However, you need to be well informed about all the basic coverages and the optional premium coverages. At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we guide and advise homeowners on the various options they can get based on their budgets. So, what does home insurance cover?

  • The home: This includes all the components that make the house and its surroundings. They include the floor, walls, and the roof.
  • Other separate structures: This policy covers the structures that are in the compound but not attached to the house. They include the stand-alone garage, the fence, and the shed. 
  • Personal property: This is one of the most essentials in a home insurance policy. It covers all yours and your family’s personal items like clothes, appliances, furniture, electronics and more.
  • liability: This policy protects you against lawsuits from other parties due to bodily harm that happened in your house or that you or your family members may have inflicted on someone else.
  • loss of use: In case your home is brought down by fire or earthquake which renders it unlivable, this policy will help you find a temporary home 

Your house is where you keep some of your most pricey items, it is where families and memories are created. Let Alliance General Insurance Agency help you safeguard it by providing you with various comparable policies. Our insurance experts can also advise you on the best package. Call us or visit us in Denver, CO today. 

Should You Change Your Homeowner’s Policy When your House is for Sale?

Selling a home is an experience. There are a thousand of little things you never think about until you’re faced with the situation. One of those things might include your insurance policy. It’s not uncommon to wonder how your policy should change when you put your house on the market.

If You Still Live There

It’s not entirely uncommon for people to live in a house until a buyer commits. In these cases, you want to keep a fairly standard policy. You can look into boosting coverage in the short-term just to make sure a minor inconvenience isn’t going to be a deal breaker for buyers. You should also contact your rep at Alliance General Insurance Agency. You want to be sure that they are aware that the house is up for sale and you are prepared to change policies expediently when the time comes.

If the House Is Empty

This is the more common situation, and it represents a unique situation for insurers. Most people don’t realize that empty houses are actually higher risk items than occupied homes. The major reason for this is vandals. When people realize a house is vacant, it becomes a popular target for unscrupulous individuals. Because of this, insurance policies for empty homes are considerably different in scope. They focus on the unique risks and worry less about the problems that only frequent occupied dwellings.

Depending on circumstances, vacant-home policies can have higher premiums than filled homes. A few tricks that might mitigate this (every policy is unique) include alarm or monitoring systems, hiring a live-in caretaker or including regular checkups in a realtor contract. Potential savings will vary, but it might be worth investing in a little extra security to make sure your empty home stays appealing to buyers in Denver, CO.

Insurance can be complicated, and the full range of options rarely fits into a short blog post. If you want help with consideration, just have a conversation with your contact at Alliance General Insurance Agency in Denver, CO. We’ll be happy to help.

Why Homeowners Need Liability Insurance

At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we understand our clients need a comprehensive home insurance policy customized to their home and their budget. One critical area not to overlook is liability insurance. When you meet with your agent, you’ll learn more about the importance of a policy that offers a high level of liability insurance. It may protect you from costly lawsuits and legal fees.

What Does Liability Insurance Do?

Liability insurance provides financial support to the homeowner if and when a claim of negligence is made against them. For example, if a child is visiting your home falls and hits his head, you may be responsible for any medical bills required to help that child. Liability insurance can also help in instances of someone falling outdoors, such as tripping on your uneven driveway. Perhaps a branch from your tree falls on the neighborhoods roof, damaging his home during a storm. This is an instance where you may be responsible for the losses.

Why Does It Matter to You?

Since we serve a broad range of residents throughout the Denver, CO area, we often find that liability insurance claims are rather common. Any one of the previous examples can result in expensive costs. If such a claim goes to court or a lawsuit is filed, you may even have to pay an attorney to defend you. With liability insurance, many of these costs do not come out of your pocket.

Get the Help You Need Today

Serving Denver, CO, Alliance General Insurance Agency provides a broad range of home insurance policies to minimize your financial risk in owning a home. It is always our goal to help you find the right fit. Call our experienced home insurance agents to learn more about the coverage we offer to help meet your goals.

Is your CO home ready for vacation season?

Buying your first home in Denver, CO can be exciting but protecting the home that you love is and should be a priority. As we approach vacation season, protecting your home with home insurance is more important than ever. Our agents at Alliance General Insurance Agency understand how important your home is which is why it is our mission to deliver top quality home insurance. If you are moving into your home and haven’t considered how you will protect it from unforeseen incidents like burglary, weather disasters, or fires, allow our agents to provide you with the information you need to make the best choice for you and your family. Whether you’re worried about snow or break-ins, we will help pick the right insurance for you.

At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we understand how difficult or complicated it can be to choose the ideal home insurance. After all, this is the net that will ultimately catch you and your family in some of the most vulnerable times of your life. Our agents will walk you through the process and answer your questions that address a concern. We make it our priority to ensure that the process of choosing home insurance is seamless and as simple as possible. Your home is more than just a place to provide shelter. Ensuring its safety means ensuring the safety of your property as well.

It’s never too soon to choose home insurance to protect the place you call home, your precious possessions, and your family that you love. Jot down your questions, concerns, and what you want from your home insurance and bring it into our office in Denver, CO. Our agents will carefully guide you through the selection process or visit our website to try our online rating tool for home insurance quotes.

Can High Altitudes Affect Your Home In Colorado?

Denver, CO’s high altitude offers homeowners here some of the cleanest air in the country, it makes for beautiful sunsets, and the night sky puts you so close to the stars it feels like you could touch them. However, the high-altitude brings some downsides, as well. Some people have serious trouble adjusting to the thinner oxygen, for instance. Many athletics teams will train at higher altitudes in order to develop greater endurance for playing at lower altitudes.

Differences in altitudes can even affect your home. For instance, while heat rises, air also tends to cool on its way up. This means that a hot Summer day may actually turn out to be quite mild in Denver, CO, it also helps to explain why the Winters here can be so cold. At the same time, the sun tends to beat down a little harder at a higher altitude, so even on a fifty degree day, you may see your roof tiles start to warp from the direct sunlight blasting at them all afternoon. The sun can also damage the color of your home, bleaching it out. You can use tinted windows to keep the sun from fading your carpets too quickly.

There tends to be less moisture this far away from the sea level, and on the upside, this means that mold usually doesn’t set in in Colorado unless there’s a long history of neglect. But the dryness can do a lot of damage to hardwood floors and wooden foundations, leading to cracking and splintering.

Alliance General Insurance Agency can help connect you to a great home insurance plan, but Alliance General Insurance Agency can not make up for a little tender love and care shown towards your home. Take care of your house and it’ll take care of you.

Protecting Denver Homes: How Home Insurance Saves Whole Neighborhoods

You may not think about your home insurance policy in the context of your neighborhood all that often, but it’s worth doing every once in a while if you live in Denver, CO. Find out more about how home insurance saves from Alliance General Insurance Agency. 

Nothing Is Permanent 

The term ghost town applies every bit as much today as it did way back in the days of mining. Certain neighborhoods fall in and out of fashion, and it’s not entirely due to chance. Instead of assuming that your particular street will always be there, you need to see yourself as one of the active participants of ensuring that it does stay there. Having the right home insurance in Denver, CO can be the difference between one major event wiping out a street and one major event merely putting a hiccup in people’s plans. 

Beautiful and Sustainable 

One theft on your block doesn’t mean that the neighborhood is bad or that you should move. However, if that home doesn’t have the money to repair the broken windows or replace what was taken, it sends a message that this street might be fair game to the rest of the criminals who look to cause havoc in otherwise decent areas. It’s worth being able to keep your house up, because even one can send a powerful signal that perhaps this isn’t the place for people to be.

 Alliance General Insurance Agency wants you live in an area that works for you, and we’re prepared to help the people of Denver figure it all out. We’re here to keep the neighborhoods as they are or even improve them. Give us a call if you’re looking to update a policy or possibly get a new one.