Will My Condo Insurance Cover Items Outside My Home?

The general rule of thumb with condo insurance in Denver, CO: If it’s inside the building, it’s your responsibility. If it’s outside, it’s covered by the insurance you’ve bought through your condo association.

But there are exceptions. If you rent a pre-furnished condo, those couches and chairs belong to your landlord, and your landlord covers them. And, outside possessions are covered by your condo insurance.

That means garden gnomes, lawn flamingos, doormats, anything, as long as it’s on your inventory.

There may be some exceptions, but these will generally be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you leave your bicycle out on the walkway every night with no bike lock on it, that may count as negligence on your part. Likewise, if you’re bringing boxes into your home while moving in and you decide to leave a few out until morning, and they get stolen.

You don’t need to memorize a long list of rules as to what will and won’t count as negligence on your part. Your condo insurance provider really just wants you to practice common sense. If your items are stolen or damaged, they’ll usually be covered, just so long as you didn’t create a circumstance with an especially high risk of loss or damages.

But where else are you going to put your garden gnome but in your garden? If it belongs outside, you’re probably covered. If it doesn’t belong outside, you might not be. Practice common sense, don’t tempt thieves and vandals anymore than you need to, and you should be covered.

If you’ve just moved into a condo in Denver, CO and you’re shopping,ing for insurance, get in touch with Alliance General Insurance Agency. You can call us up by phone, or visit the Alliance General Insurance Agency website. We can get you the protection that you need.

Who can and cannot benefit from my life insurance policy?

Life insurance is one of the most potent assets for many Denver, CO residents. It is an excellent way to cushion your family and loved ones from the harsh financial reality when you are gone. 

However, many life insurance buyers face the challenge of choosing and naming their beneficiaries. Do you just pick any name on your list? Who can and cannot benefit from your life insurance policy? Alliance General Insurance Agency will take you through the process of naming your beneficiary. Read on to find out.

Who is a beneficiary?

When you decide to buy life insurance, your insurance provider will ask you to name a beneficiary. The people or person you appoint will be the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy. Your beneficiaries will inherit the money in a lump sum from your insurance company upon your demise.

Who can be my beneficiary

The answer to that question is ‘anyone.’ There are no specific criteria for choosing a beneficiary, as this is always a personal choice. Who you wish to be your beneficiary can be a total stranger to you or your family. It does not need to be your spouse, children, or parents; it can be anyone. Who you choose is entirely up to you.

How should I choose my beneficiary?

This is the most challenging part of any life insurance policy buyer. Many people admit to having the pressure to name their families. When choosing a beneficiary consider the following:

  • Who do you think should benefit from your money the most?
  • Do you know anyone in financial need?
  • How many beneficiaries do you have?

It is essential not to be in a hurry when signing your life insurance contract. Choosing a beneficiary is a big financial decision that can impact your loved ones massively. At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we recommend seeking guidance from a qualified insurance expert in Denver, CO.

How To Determine What Kind Of Commercial Insurance You Need

At Alliance General Insurance Agency in Denver, CO, we are not only concerned with offering our clients insurance policies, but we also want them to be able to choose the most suitable insurance policy. One of the most challenging insurance policies to purchase is commercial insurance. It is quite confusing. 

We have seen businesses that are under-insured and the ones that purchased a policy that does not cover the risks they face. To mitigate that, we have given a few tips on how to choose the right kind of commercial insurance for your business. The three main types of commercial insurance are liability insurance, property insurance, and worker’s compensation.

Know exactly what you need

Every business has a unique set of needs. Even two different companies offering the same kind of business face different types of risks. So, before you purchase any policy, list out what your risks are. The kind of business you do will determine your risks. 

Besides, it is better for you to list out your risks to your insurance company and allow them to suggest the policy that covers such risks. 

Know your coverage limits

You should not just stop at asking about the coverage, you should also know the limits. So, you can get adequate coverage for your business, employees, and your equipment. It is a good idea to read every policy before making a choice. 

Strike a great premium-deductible balance

This is the most difficult decision you have to make when choosing an insurance policy. The premium is the amount you pay your insurer monthly or annually. The deductible is the amount you pay from your pocket to fix an insured occurrence before your insurer pays you the remaining part of the bill. 

You may choose lower premium and higher deductible because you only need to pay a deductible when something happens. On the other hand, when your equipment gets damaged or stolen, your compensation may be too low because you have been paying a lower premium. Make the right choice. Protect your source of livelihood. 

For more information or professional guidance on choosing a commercial insurance policy, you can reach out to us at Alliance General Insurance Agency in Denver, CO. 

Who Needs Condo Insurance?

If you are considering buying a condo, you may want to learn more about condo insurance. Even if the building has insurance in place to protect the structure, you will need condo coverage to help protect your valuable items within the residence. 

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Typically, condo insurance covers the walls and the interior of the space if there is damage due to a covered incident. Additionally, your personal belongings and major applicants are covered. This policy also provides liability protection in the event of an injured guest. Before making a purchase, be sure to understand what the buildings master policy protects and then seek the assistance of an insurance professional to help you build a coverage plan that fits your needs. 

Find A Quality Agency

One of the best ways to get the coverage that suits your circumstances is to work with an insurance agent. They can find a variety of options to offer and can explain how each policy works to protect you from a variety of hazards. Additionally, they may also be helpful in determining if any additional coverages are wise. If you live in or around the Denver, CO area, you can count on Alliance General Insurance Agency to give you the one on one service you need. They can assist you with the entire shopping process as well as assisting you with any future claims. It’s a personalized service to help you meet your insurance coverage goals. 

Don’t select your condo insurance policy without consulting with an agent from Alliance General Insurance Agency. They look forward to serving the residents in the Denver, CO area. Call or stop by today to find out more. 

Do I Still Need Liability Insurance if my Classic Car is Trailered to Events

There are many classic car enthusiasts who never put their vehicle back on the street once it has been fully restored. This is usually the case if the car is extremely rare or has a high value. In Denver, CO, the agents at Alliance General Insurance Agency can work with the clients to find the right type of policy for their classic car, especially if it isn’t going to be driven.

Mandatory Insurance

Every vehicle requires a mandatory amount of liability insurance if it is going to be driven on the road. If a classic car is going to be trailered from place to place and not driven on the road, you don’t need to carry mandatory insurance on it all the time. Even though you may not need a policy in place all the time, you may want to consider putting a liability policy in place, whenever you take your car to shows or events.

Protect Your Investment

As with any other valuable item, you will want to do whatever you can to fully protect your investment. It’s essential that you purchase a policy that will cover repairs to your car if it receives any type of damage while in transit or while sitting on display.

Events are a time to show off your pride and joy. It’s important to have sufficient insurance in place to protect your investment at all times. The agents of Allied General Insurance Agency are available to ensure that car enthusiasts in Denver, CO have the coverage they need when traveling to and from events. Call your agent today!

What Does Denver, CO Renters Insurance Cover

The best question to ask yourself when considering renter’s insurance is how much it would cost to replace everything you own? If you are a young professional with just a few personal items, then you may not find the monthly payments for renter’s insurance worth the benefits. However, if you have an established apartment or house with many expensive and important personal items and electronics, then renter’s insurance may be a very, very good idea.

This is because despite what you might have been told, your landlord’s insurance policy will not reimburse you for any property that is stolen or damaged. Your landlord’s insurance policy also won’t reimburse you for any expenses you have should your home suddenly become unlivable due to a disaster like a water line break or fire. But a renter’s insurance policy will.

The Big Benefits of a Denver, CO Renter’s Insurance Policy

Landlord and commercial property insurance policies typically cover only building materials and public spaces (such as elevators or stairwells). Anything within the confines of your apartment is typically not covered. For that, you need renter’s insurance. A standard Alliance General Insurance Agency renter’s insurance policy will provide the following coverage:

  • Personal property contents coverage. This offers financial coverage for any personal property and belongings in the event of theft, fire, water damage not related to flooding, and more.
  • Living expenses due to peril. If an event like a fire or burst water pipe makes your home unlivable, then your policy will reimburse you for expenses necessary (i.e. hotel) until the situation is resolved. 
  • Premises medical coverage and liability. If someone is injured in your home, such as by a dog bite or a trip and fall, then your renter’s insurance will pay for medical expenses and protect you in the event of a lawsuit. 

Sign Up for Your Denver, CO Renter’s Insurance Today

Renter’s insurance can provide you with an excellent safety net in the event of a disaster. Learn more by contacting our team at Alliance General Insurance Agency. 

Does motorcycle insurance cover my passenger?

You are driving down the highway when the unexpected happens. A car veers into your lane and the rest of the story is a tragic account of how you lost control of your bike and ended up in a ditch. Thankfully, you and your passenger are alive and able to tell the story of how you escaped. Both of you, however, need immediate medical attention and require several weeks of recovery. You cannot help but wonder if your insurance policy in Denver, CO is enough to pay for everything. Does motorcycle assurance cover your passenger?

The agents at Alliance General Insurance Agency can provide a full explanation about how motorcycle indemnity plans work when passengers are involved. Read on to learn how passengers are generally covered under Guest Passenger Liability and Medical Payments stipulations. 

What is Guest Passenger Liability Coverage?

Guest Passenger Liability coverage pays for your passenger’s medical expenses in the instance that an accident is your fault. This assurance option does not work, though, if someone else caused the accident. Your passenger will need to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver for medical expenses in such a case. Many General Passenger Liability coverage options are included in bodily injury insurance plans. There are times, however, when you have to purchase the coverage separately. It is always best to ask your Denver, CO insurance provider about coverage for your passenger to ensure that you are fully protected. 

Coverage for Medical Payments 

Coverage for medical payments means that you do not have to come out of your pocket to pay for hospital visits and other treatment related to a motorcycle accident. Your insurance policy may pay for:

  • Hospital Visits
  • X-rays
  • Surgery
  • At-home Nursing Care
  • Health Insurance Deductibles and Co-payments

An agent at Alliance General Insurance Agency can help you find the motorcycle assurance policy that works best for your lifestyle. Call them today to get started with a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions About Umbrella Insurance in Colorado

If you have questions about Umbrella insurance in Denver, CO contact us at Alliance General Insurance Agency we can clear up any confusion you have about this type of insurance and offer you a quote for your individual situation. Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that adds additional liability. Many policies offer a minimum of a million dollars in extra coverage over your existing policies. The umbrella policies start where your home, business, or auto leaves off many people choose this additional protection for a variety of reasons.

Umbrella Insurance FAQs

  • Who would need umbrella insurance? Anyone with a current insurance policy who feels as though the coverage limits will not meet the actual loss. For example, if your car has value over what is appraised to you or someone then additional auto coverage is a good idea. If your home appraisal or business insurance will not leave you set to continue running your business or having a place to live in the area then an umbrella policy will be a piece of mind over your basic coverage. 
  • How much umbrella insurance might I need? This is a number to work out with your agent after establishing what a general policy will cover and your needs above that amount.
  • What can umbrella insurance in Colorado cover?  Bodily injury, charges of slander and liable, business coverage, and property damage are all common coverages under an umbrella policy because these situations can exceed a policy in some cases and it is a risk many people do not want to take with their business or home.

Contact us at Alliance General Insurance Agency for more information about umbrella insurance. We provide insurance policies for people in and around Denver, CO. Call today. 

When You Need Condo Insurance and What It Covers

If you are the owner of a condo, it is a great idea to look into the purchase of condo insurance. Condo insurance is a type of insurance coverage which will help protect your condo, as well as the personal property within it.  It goes beyond the condo fees you pay on a monthly basis, helping provide additional protection for the interior of the residence.

When You Need Condo Insurance

You need condo insurance when you own a condo.  If you live in a condo in Denver, CO or elsewhere, condo insurance is an absolute must. The Alliance General Insurance Agency can assist in your search for the right provider and insurance policy, but understanding the need for condo insurance is the first start.

What Condo Insurance Covers

What coverage can you expect when you begin to shop for condo insurance?  When you think of condo insurance, you want to be thinking about the interior of the residence.

The interior of the condo contains a lot of valuables you want to care about a great deal.  These will start with the personal belongings you have inside.  If you have anything inside of the condo, the insurance coverage you buy will help provide protection in this space
There will be interior coverage as well for areas inside of the condo. These will include things such as the structure of your unit, as well as coverage to cover your portions of common areas as part of the condo.  

The insurance you get with condo insurance goes beyond condo fees and coverage you get there, which encompasses the exterior of the condo.  With the interior, you want to seek out condo insurance and what it can provide.

Commercial Insurance And The Professional Blogger

Professional blogging is a new enterprise – well relatively new – that has exploded on the Internet scene. People from all walks of life have decided to make blogging their employment and their love. However, when it comes to commercially insuring your blog there are a few key considerations that you should review for yourself. Is your blog informative? Is it trying to fix a societal issue? Is it more personal? Is it trying to fix or speak to a personal issue wherein you may encounter someone on the Internet that is having a problem and is seeking your blog for answers? Is your blog concerned with correcting a logistical wrong? Is it about do-it-yourself home repairs, auto repairs, or how to fix a boat? If you can think if you can find it on the World Wide Web in the form of a blog.  It is important to ask yourself these questions because they present areas of liability. Speak with a professional who can help you protect yourself and your blog. 

If you are blogging on the side of it is your main source of income you should speak with an agent about how commercial insurance can help you protect your enterprise. Whether it is work or play we know that what you create is important to you. We also understand that protecting yourself where there is a vulnerability is a critical part of being a responsible adult. No one works harder than the residents of Denver, CO and no one works harder than the agents at Alliance General Insurance Agency. Stop in today. If you prefer to speak with an Alliance General Insurance Agency agent, call us on the telephone at 303–377–1172. In addition to commercial insurance, we specialize in motorcycle insurance, renters insurance, classic car insurance, condo insurance as well as umbrella insurance.