Classic Car Insurance


Colorado classic car insurance agents can help you find the policy you need for your classic car. Insurance companies have their own definition, but generally a classic is one that is at least 10 years old and either has been, or is being restored.

The issue with covering a classic car is determining its value. Normal insurance policies go by book value, but the book value will not reflect the value of a highly restored 1978 Camaro, for example. Antique cars are generally those 25 years old or older, and there is an overlap between the two, but the principle behind the policy is the same.

Your independent insurance agents will negotiate a value of the classic car with you, and once that value is agreed on, the policy can be written. Insured classics do have some limitations. Some companies have mileage limitations, but the main thing is, it cannot be a car you drive every day. Driving it in a parade, or the occasional weekend trip, is generally acceptable.

The coverage is for the value you have agreed on, should it be totaled in an accident. It would also be covered if it was parked at a car show on display or in a parade. The policy can also include liability coverage. Colorado requires liability insurance for any vehicle that is driven on the highways, so you could include that in your policy as well. Many classic car insurance policies also cover roadside assistance.

Contact Alliance General Insurance Agency to find out how to get your classic car insured. You may also visit us online, and use our quote tool to get an idea of what a policy would cost. Your independent agent in Colorado can make sure your treasured vehicle has the coverage it needs.


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