Commercial Insurance


Alliance General Insurance Agency offers commercial insurance coverage that meets the needs of business owners working in many different industries. Colorado business owners need to manage the financial risks they face on a daily basis to keep their company running despite any unexpected accidents or events that come up.

Among the types of expenses commercial insurance covers are workers' compensation costs, general liabilities, and commercial vehicle expenses.

Business owners need to protect their livelihoods with an effective insurance policy that protects them against these expenses. Those who build up a business from scratch invest a lot of time and money into their business venture and need to protect their investment.

To find the right commercial insurance product you should discuss your needs as a business owner in Denver, CO with commercial insurance agents at Alliance General Insurance Agency. You need to share information about what types of liabilities you face on a regular basis in order to find the best product for your unique company's needs.

In the state of Colorado, having commercial insurance is not required by law for business owners. However, independent insurance agents recommend commercial insurance to cover the many liabilities that business owners face. It's typically recommended that a small business owner be insured for between $500,000 and $1 million in commercial expenses.

There are a lot of choices business owners need to make when selecting what types of commercial insurance they need. Alliance General Insurance Agency offers a variety of different plan options to provide the needed coverage and give business owners the peace of mind they need to do business confidently and successfully.


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