Umbrella Insurance 


Most people carry the required insurance policies on the major assets in their lives: cars, houses, etc. But what happens when the standard insurance policy isn't quite enough? What if the incident in question lies right outside the fuzzy limits of your coverage, or is excluded from your policy altogether? Much like getting caught in the rain with only a jacket, your coverage is minimal--and without an umbrella, you could find yourself all wet. If your current insurance policy doesn't quite live up to your expectations of coverage, you may want to consider purchasing additional umbrella insurance to fill the gaps.

Umbrella insurance coverage is useful in these cases, as it serves as extra liability insurance and specifically works to cover those areas that standard policies do not. In general, umbrella insurance typically covers additional issues like injury, property damage, some types of lawsuits and certain personal liabilities. If you are sued by an individual on the basis of mental anguish, for example, an umbrella insurance policy may be able to help you cover some of your costs. By comparison, the standard liability policy tends to outright exclude coverage for things like liability on rental units, slander, libel or false arrest.

If you live, work, or otherwise have assets in the area, don't wait until the unbelievable (and otherwise uncovered) happens to you. Protect yourself against possible future losses by obtaining your own Denver, CO umbrella insurance coverage with Alliance General Insurance Agency. One of their independent insurance agents will work individually with you to find the right policy at the right price.


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