The History Of Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are not something that everyone owns or finds interesting. However, many people in Denver, CO find them to be a favored hobby and do not realize that they can obtain classic car insurance that is specific to their needs and vehicle.

The Classic Car Club of America

The Classic Car Club of America qualifies classic cars as one that is 25 years old or older. However, the distinction made more directly is that the manufacture year of the automobile is between 1925 and 1948 specifically. The hobby of classic cars includes domestic and foreign makes and do not come cheaply. The investment a hobbyist makes in accessories, custom work, and engine displacement requires protection.

In light of classic car clubs, both large and small, insurance companies began to offer insurance that is specific to classic car owners.

Coverage Compliance

State-to-state regulations differ when it comes to vehicle registration and insurance. You will always want to keep abreast of any changes your state makes to required coverage for classic cars. The fact is you may wish to purchase full coverage, and your state may not require it. Personalized classic car insurance was explicitly created for this purpose.

Classic Car insurance is not subject to mileage consideration and fees, making it unique in the area of automobile insurance. A  low premium and guaranteed value also make the coverage unique. A guaranteed value is a mutual agreement of how much an insurance company will charge you for full coverage for your classic car.

We at Alliance General Insurance Agency, serving Denver, CO, is qualified and ready to answer any questions you may have about classic car insurance policies. No question is a wrong question when it comes to ensuring your class automobile’s coverage meets your needs. Reach out to us at Alliance general Insurance Agency to learn how to get started.




Will my policy cover items stolen or damaged outside my apartment?

Alliance General Insurance Agency knows that if you are renting a home or apartment in Denver, CO, you probably realize you need a special renter’s insurance policy to protect your belongings in case of theft or damages.

Whether or not your possessions will be covered by your insurance policy depends mostly on what your insurance policy says. There are some general rules, but to make sure, you need to read your contract and talk to your agent to guarantee you understand the terms.

Normally, your belongings will be covered under your renter’s insurance policy if, for instance, you leave them in your vehicle outside and someone breaks into your car and steals them. Items like laptop computers are portable, and you may think they’re safe for a short time. The damage to the vehicle itself will not be covered, as that will need to be covered under a separate auto insurance policy.

On the other hand, your possessions may not be covered at a storage facility. However, you should either be able to add coverage to your existing renter’s insurance policy or obtain a separate coverage to protect your valuables in the off-site storage facility. Just keep in mind that if you are using your renter’s policy at a storage unit, the coverage might be limited.

It is often necessary to have your possessions away from your home, and you want to be sure you’re protected. If you want to discuss your options, our representatives at Alliance General Insurance Agency will be happy to talk to you about your rental situation in Denver, CO.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Property Damage?

If you own a motorcycle, there’s a good likelihood that it is one of your pride and joys. After all, motorcycles are an American favorite and there is nothing better than enjoying a scenic ride through the outskirts of Denver, CO while feeling the wind blow over your body on a warm sunny day. And while owning a motorcycle is great, it is also paramount that you protect it with the right type of insurance coverage. So Alliance General Insurance Agency brings forth the question:

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

With any type of vehicle, the amount of coverage that you get with motorcycle insurance will depend on the type of policy that you invest in. The higher the amount of coverage, the better protected you will be in regards to compensation. With a liability package, you will only cover property damage and the damage to other cars that are involved in a claim in which you are at fault. 

With a higher level of coverage, you can have peace of mind in knowing that greater compensation will be provided to help deter the cost of damage that occurs to your motorcycle in a claim. For example, if you have full coverage motorcycle insurance, then this means collision coverage is provided. If your motorcycle is involved in an accident and becomes damaged and the other person who is at fault does not have insurance, your insurance can kick in and pay for the damage that occurs to your bike. If you don’t have the monies to pay for damages to your bike, a motorcycle coverage plan would benefit you and keep you financially stable.

To learn more about motorcycle insurance, please contact Alliance General Insurance Agency serving the Denver, CO area. 

What Are the Benefits to an Umbrella Auto Insurance Policy?

It is highly recommended that those who have assets to protect purchase an umbrella policy for their already existing plans. However, what we at Alliance General Insurance Agency, serving the greater Denver, CO area, have learned is that most people do not understand what an umbrella insurance policy is and what the benefits are to one. Here is more information on this topic. 

What Is An Umbrella Policy?

An umbrella policy is a policy that kicks in with extra coverage in case you have exhausted the maximum amounts set by your current insurance policies. As such, if you are involved in a catastrophic auto accident, and your insurance has paid out the maximum amounts, the umbrella policy will kick in, sort of like a rainy day, emergency fund. 

What are the Benefits of an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

The most significant benefit to an umbrella insurance policy is that it protects you in the event that you go over the maximums of your current home and auto insurance policies. In most cases, this occurs because of litigation. If someone sues you because of a car accident or because they were injured on your property, the costs can quickly surpass your policy limits. If they win and your policy has been exhausted, they can come after you for the money that is owed, which can financially ruin you. This type of policy helps to protect you against this happening. 

If you do not yet have an umbrella insurance policy, now is as good a time as any to purchase one. At Alliance General Insurance Agency, serving the greater Denver, CO area, we would love to provide you with the coverage you need. Call us today to schedule an appointment to sit down with one of our agents and discuss your insurance needs.

How Does Condo Insurance Differ From Home Insurance Policies?

One of the most frequent questions that we at Alliance General Insurance Agency, serving the greater Denver, CO area, are asked about condo insurance is, how does condo insurance vary from home insurance? If you are purchasing your first condo, here is some information that you should know about the two primary differences. 

Dwelling Coverage

One of the major differences between condo and home insurance policies is how much dwelling coverage you need. When you have a home, you need enough dwelling coverage to rebuild your entire home. When you have a condo, you are not responsible for the exterior of the building or the other units. You only need enough coverage to replace what is contained in your unit, including the walls, electrical wiring, and floors. This is significantly less than the amount of coverage you need for a home. 

Liability Coverage

The other significant difference is liability coverage. While you may still be liable if someone gets injured in your actual condo, you are not liable if someone is injured outside of your condo, such as in the joint space or on the sidewalk. In this case, the owner of the condo building would be liable, not you. This is not the case with a home, as you may be liable for the entire property, including your front and backyard, and the interior of the home. As such, you typically need much less liability coverage with a condo policy than you do with a homeowners insurance policy. 

When you are in the market for condo insurance in the greater Denver, CO area, let the Alliance General Insurance Agency assist you. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and let us put together a condo insurance policy that meets your needs. 

Paying Life Insurance Out To A Minor

When you list a minor as a beneficiary in your will or your life insurance, the very best way to ensure that they get what’s coming to them is through a trusted adult.

The law does not allow any insurer you’re going to find through Alliance General Insurance Agency or any other agency to pay out directly to the minor. This law means that the courts will have to appoint a guardian to handle the money until the child has reached adult age. This is federal law and extends well beyond Denver, CO or anywhere in Colorado.

A court appointed guardian to manage the money can get very expensive very quickly, eating up the entire life insurance payout long before the minor is old enough to collect.

If you want to make sure that the money gets to the minor when they’re of age, you need to have that money going to a trusted adult with the understanding that their job is to sit on it until the recipient is of age. This responsibility takes a lot of trust, as nothing is stopping them from collecting the money for themselves, so you need to be very careful with this decision.

This decision doesn’t need to be the minor’s parents or even a family member. This person can be a longtime friend, your spouse, or even a business partner who you’ve always known to be reliable.

Alliance General Insurance Agency in Denver, CO can help you find a Colorado insurer who can cover all of your life insurance needs, but managing the payouts can be tricky. Talk with one of our agents to learn more about the stipulations of life insurance. We can help you make decisions and change your life insurance policy to how you see fit.

Why Homeowners Need Liability Insurance

At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we understand our clients need a comprehensive home insurance policy customized to their home and their budget. One critical area not to overlook is liability insurance. When you meet with your agent, you’ll learn more about the importance of a policy that offers a high level of liability insurance. It may protect you from costly lawsuits and legal fees.

What Does Liability Insurance Do?

Liability insurance provides financial support to the homeowner if and when a claim of negligence is made against them. For example, if a child is visiting your home falls and hits his head, you may be responsible for any medical bills required to help that child. Liability insurance can also help in instances of someone falling outdoors, such as tripping on your uneven driveway. Perhaps a branch from your tree falls on the neighborhoods roof, damaging his home during a storm. This is an instance where you may be responsible for the losses.

Why Does It Matter to You?

Since we serve a broad range of residents throughout the Denver, CO area, we often find that liability insurance claims are rather common. Any one of the previous examples can result in expensive costs. If such a claim goes to court or a lawsuit is filed, you may even have to pay an attorney to defend you. With liability insurance, many of these costs do not come out of your pocket.

Get the Help You Need Today

Serving Denver, CO, Alliance General Insurance Agency provides a broad range of home insurance policies to minimize your financial risk in owning a home. It is always our goal to help you find the right fit. Call our experienced home insurance agents to learn more about the coverage we offer to help meet your goals.

What Type of Insurance Should a Small Business Have?

If you own a small business in the Denver, CO area, you may not be sure what kinds of insurance you need. The answer will depend on the type of small business you run as to which types of insurance you need. You want to be covered, but you don’t want to waste resources for insurance you don’t need. Here are a few insurance types that your business may need to protect your hard earned investment. 

  • General Liability Insurance – is something all businesses need, even if your business is home-based. It provides coverage to a third party if you, an employee, or your product or service causes injury or property damage.
  • Property Insurance – covers personal business property, such as office equipment, tools, and inventory. If you own the building, it will help cover it against things like weather, theft, or fire. 
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – is necessary if you own company vehicles or employees use their own vehicle for business associated with your business.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – is designed to cover professional services provided that may be rendered improperly. General liability does not cover professional services, such as lawyers, consultants, accountants, notaries, and other professionals.
  • Data Breach Insurance – if your business stores sensitive information about employees or clients, it will provide protection against losses.
  • Business Owner Policy – is designed to provide a package of policies you need and will be designed specifically to your company’s needs.

Alliance General Insurance Agency

The agents at Alliance General Insurance Agency in the Denver, CO understand the importance of insurance coverage for small businesses. Sorting out which types of insurance are best for your unique business can quickly become confusing. Contact an Alliance General agent today to review your options.

How the High Altitude of Colorado Affects Your Car

No matter where you live, the environment is going to have some effect on your auto. If you live near the beach, you’ll want to invest in regular washing and waxing to keep the salty sea air from damaging the finish and the body of your car. If you live somewhere with harsh Winters, you need to learn how to let your car warm up before you pull out of the driveway. In Colorado, it seems to be the altitude that really does a number on your vehicle if you’re not careful.

The main thing affecting your engine in Denver, CO is the lower air density. This means less compression, so all the vital components of your fuel, the nitrogen, oxygen, and argon, are being drawn into the cylinder at a lower rate than if you were closer to the coast. The difference works out to something like three to four percent power loss for every thousand feet above sea level. In Denver, at just over 5,000 feet above sea level, this would be a loss of anywhere from fifteen to twenty percent of the car’s advertised horsepower, so a 200 hp car, for instance, would only be going at about 150-170 hp. Closer to the continental divide and that number will get smaller. If you’re wondering why you can’t do zero to sixty in Colorado like you could in California, there’s your answer.

The upside:

You can go ahead and use lower octane gas in Denver, CO and it won’t make that big of a difference.

Some cars are built to work around this issue, with most newer vehicles using a fuel delivery system that accounts for differences in pressure. Fuel injection systems can negate the difference as well.

With regular maintenance and a policy through Alliance General Insurance Agency, your car won’t suffer any serious damage due to altitude. Give us a call to find out more about what we can do for your auto insurance at Alliance General Insurance Agency.

Is your CO home ready for vacation season?

Buying your first home in Denver, CO can be exciting but protecting the home that you love is and should be a priority. As we approach vacation season, protecting your home with home insurance is more important than ever. Our agents at Alliance General Insurance Agency understand how important your home is which is why it is our mission to deliver top quality home insurance. If you are moving into your home and haven’t considered how you will protect it from unforeseen incidents like burglary, weather disasters, or fires, allow our agents to provide you with the information you need to make the best choice for you and your family. Whether you’re worried about snow or break-ins, we will help pick the right insurance for you.

At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we understand how difficult or complicated it can be to choose the ideal home insurance. After all, this is the net that will ultimately catch you and your family in some of the most vulnerable times of your life. Our agents will walk you through the process and answer your questions that address a concern. We make it our priority to ensure that the process of choosing home insurance is seamless and as simple as possible. Your home is more than just a place to provide shelter. Ensuring its safety means ensuring the safety of your property as well.

It’s never too soon to choose home insurance to protect the place you call home, your precious possessions, and your family that you love. Jot down your questions, concerns, and what you want from your home insurance and bring it into our office in Denver, CO. Our agents will carefully guide you through the selection process or visit our website to try our online rating tool for home insurance quotes.