When You Need Condo Insurance and What It Covers

If you are the owner of a condo, it is a great idea to look into the purchase of condo insurance. Condo insurance is a type of insurance coverage which will help protect your condo, as well as the personal property within it.  It goes beyond the condo fees you pay on a monthly basis, helping provide additional protection for the interior of the residence.

When You Need Condo Insurance

You need condo insurance when you own a condo.  If you live in a condo in Denver, CO or elsewhere, condo insurance is an absolute must. The Alliance General Insurance Agency can assist in your search for the right provider and insurance policy, but understanding the need for condo insurance is the first start.

What Condo Insurance Covers

What coverage can you expect when you begin to shop for condo insurance?  When you think of condo insurance, you want to be thinking about the interior of the residence.

The interior of the condo contains a lot of valuables you want to care about a great deal.  These will start with the personal belongings you have inside.  If you have anything inside of the condo, the insurance coverage you buy will help provide protection in this space
There will be interior coverage as well for areas inside of the condo. These will include things such as the structure of your unit, as well as coverage to cover your portions of common areas as part of the condo.  

The insurance you get with condo insurance goes beyond condo fees and coverage you get there, which encompasses the exterior of the condo.  With the interior, you want to seek out condo insurance and what it can provide.

How Should I Insure Antique Items?

Homeowners in Colorado are not mandated to carry insurance on their homes, however, many lenders will require them to do so. It’s also not uncommon for people without mortgages to purchase a policy to protect against unforeseen disasters. 

If You Have Antiques

Vintage items can come in many different categories. For example, you could have a collection of stamps, a wine cellar, baseball cards, fine jewelry or dishes. When you purchase a policy, you cannot assume that these things will be automatically incorporated. Instead, you will need to make your agent aware of your items, asking about them individually. 

The reason for this is that your valuables may exceed the limits of your indemnification, although your plan may include some provision for these heirlooms. You will likely need to work with your broker to develop either a floater or an endorsement. 

A floater is simply a separate policy for your antiques, while an endorsement, sometimes called a rider, is like an addendum added onto your policy. You’ll first need to take inventory of anything you have that needs to be protected, and you will then need to have them appraised. This will provide a written record for you if you should ever need to make a claim. You will want to have these items insured for their current value, and this can change as time goes on. You may need to obtain a new appraisal every now, and always be sure to present these documents to your insurance company. 

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Commercial Insurance And The Professional Blogger

Professional blogging is a new enterprise – well relatively new – that has exploded on the Internet scene. People from all walks of life have decided to make blogging their employment and their love. However, when it comes to commercially insuring your blog there are a few key considerations that you should review for yourself. Is your blog informative? Is it trying to fix a societal issue? Is it more personal? Is it trying to fix or speak to a personal issue wherein you may encounter someone on the Internet that is having a problem and is seeking your blog for answers? Is your blog concerned with correcting a logistical wrong? Is it about do-it-yourself home repairs, auto repairs, or how to fix a boat? If you can think if you can find it on the World Wide Web in the form of a blog.  It is important to ask yourself these questions because they present areas of liability. Speak with a professional who can help you protect yourself and your blog. 

If you are blogging on the side of it is your main source of income you should speak with an agent about how commercial insurance can help you protect your enterprise. Whether it is work or play we know that what you create is important to you. We also understand that protecting yourself where there is a vulnerability is a critical part of being a responsible adult. No one works harder than the residents of Denver, CO and no one works harder than the agents at Alliance General Insurance Agency. Stop in today. If you prefer to speak with an Alliance General Insurance Agency agent, call us on the telephone at 303–377–1172. In addition to commercial insurance, we specialize in motorcycle insurance, renters insurance, classic car insurance, condo insurance as well as umbrella insurance.


When Should You Get Commercial Insurance?

Knowing when to get commercial insurance in Denver, CO can be tricky, because it will depend on your business risk and what type of insurance you want to get. If you aren’t sure when to get commercial insurance, speak with an agent at Alliance General Insurance Agency.

You will need workers compensation insurance when you start to get employees. Since workers compensation helps pay for any injuries to employees or on the job accidents, it’s necessary to have. It’s also required to have in the state if you have one or more full time or part time employee, including any family members.

Getting commercial auto insurance can depend on a few different things. If the vehicle is registered in the business name, then you need commercial auto insurance. If it is registered under a personal name, you may still need it if the vehicle is being used for business purposes. If employees are also driving the car, it should be insured by a commercial policy. Business use includes carrying equipment or using your car for any type of deliveries. It’s not just driving to and from work.

You should have general liability insurance from the start of your business. Since general liability insurance protects against a wide range of things, as soon as you start your business you should consider it. For smaller businesses, a business owner’s policy can provide general liability as well as commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance not only protects the building your business is in, it also protects any equipment and inventory you have stored.

Your home insurance policy won’t provide enough coverage for your at-home business, so when your business starts to grow from more than a side hobby, you should consider at least a business owner’s policy to stay protected.

Contact Alliance General Insurance Agency, serving Denver, CO, to get a quote on commercial insurance. 

2 Reasons You Need Auto Insurance

Whether you’re an experienced driver or not, having auto insurance is one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make. In fact, if you have a loan on your vehicle, there’s a good chance your lender will mandate that you have auto insurance. More so, if you live in or near Denver, CO, there’s a law in place that says you have to have liability coverage at a minimum. Here at the Alliance General Insurance Agency, we specialize in auto insurance. Keep reading to learn the top two reasons your need auto insurance.

Protect Your Investment

When you buy a vehicle, you’re making an investment. For many people, buying a car is one of the biggest investments they will ever make other than buying a home. As with all types of large investments, you, of course, want to protect it. What would happen if your car was damaged in an accident on the way home from work and the at-fault driver didn’t have insurance? Would you have the funds to be able to buy a new car or repair the damage? With auto insurance, you can customize your policy so that you receive compensation if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance. Auto insurance gives you the ultimate way to protect your investment.

Great Support System

When you buy an auto insurance policy, you get so much more than protection over your vehicle. You get a team of support to lean on when an accident occurs. Imagine having to fill out all of the paperwork accompanied with being in an accident. Would you even understand the terms and jargon used by insurance companies? There’s a good chance you wouldn’t, but with insurance coverage, your insurance agent and his or her team will handle everything for you.

To learn more about the many reasons you need auto insurance in Denver, CO, call the Alliance General Insurance Agency today.

Can You Bundle Condo Insurance?

Life in Denver, CO, comes with plenty of opportunities for fun. Hiking, rafting and winter sports galore are just part of the deal. All of that fun can also entice you to buy big toys and amazing extras. If you have or are considering splurging on a condo, there are a few things you need to know. One of those is that there’s a good chance you’ll need a specific insurance policy for the condo. That might lead you to wonder if you can bundle the new insurance with policies you already carry. Here’s the definitive answer.

It Depends

It’s annoying that this seems to always be the answer to insurance questions, but every company has the right to set the terms for the policies they offer. That means there are few guarantees in general advice like this. That said, most of the major insurance providers love bundling policies, and there’s a reasonable chance that you can bundle condo insurance with other policies like homeowner’s, auto or life insurance. The best way to be 100-percent sure bundling is an available discount is to check with your Alliance General Insurance Agency representative.

Saving Money

While you’re at it, you should ask about other discounts. Again, there can be no absolute promises, but common discounts include military, professional, safe-driver, emergency provider and a number of other options. The best way to get a good deal on any insurance bundle is to have someone scour the depths of policy documents and find everything possible for you.

Alliance General Insurance Agency serves the entire Denver, CO, area. That means you can shop in one place for insurance for your car, home, condo, snowmobile and anything else that might help you live life to the fullest in this amazing area.


At what age is it too late to buy life insurance?

Almost no one uses physical mail anymore, instead preferring to communicate by email and pay bills online. Almost the only mail people get are coupons and ads, including ads offering great insurance rates for the very young.

At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we help people of all ages in Denver, CO with every kind of insurance need. You are never too old to buy life insurance, but there are some important tips you can learn so you can decide when you want to purchase a policy for yourself and for your loved ones.

The Advantages of Buying Young

When you buy a life insurance policy for a baby, you can lock in the lowest possible premium. As you get older, the price goes up depending on your age. You can also get a smaller premium by starting earlier and getting a longer term if you are getting term life insurance.

Whole life or permanent insurance policy will also cost less if you sign up when you are younger. Because a whole life insurance policy will pay out whether or not you die, the early you start the quicker you can accumulate a larger cash value.

Is It Pointless to Buy When You’re Older?

One of the disadvantages of buying when you are older is that you will almost certainly have to undergo a physical exam. You are simply more of a risk if you are older and/or unhealthy.

You can be strategic when buying a policy if you are older. The death benefits will still help your family at a very important time, but you can plan how much is necessary. An agent at Alliance General Insurance Agency will be happy to help you get the best life insurance for your needs in Denver, CO.

Home insurance coverages in Denver CO

Purchasing a homeowners insurance guarantees financial compensation in the event of damage or destruction by storms, fire, and theft. The home is probably one of the most significant financial investment in Denver, CO. It does not just protect you from the dangers that come with this litigious society but also covers for your family and friends. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to compromise your family’s security by not having a home insurance policy.

However, you need to be well informed about all the basic coverages and the optional premium coverages. At Alliance General Insurance Agency, we guide and advise homeowners on the various options they can get based on their budgets. So, what does home insurance cover?

  • The home: This includes all the components that make the house and its surroundings. They include the floor, walls, and the roof.
  • Other separate structures: This policy covers the structures that are in the compound but not attached to the house. They include the stand-alone garage, the fence, and the shed. 
  • Personal property: This is one of the most essentials in a home insurance policy. It covers all yours and your family’s personal items like clothes, appliances, furniture, electronics and more.
  • liability: This policy protects you against lawsuits from other parties due to bodily harm that happened in your house or that you or your family members may have inflicted on someone else.
  • loss of use: In case your home is brought down by fire or earthquake which renders it unlivable, this policy will help you find a temporary home 

Your house is where you keep some of your most pricey items, it is where families and memories are created. Let Alliance General Insurance Agency help you safeguard it by providing you with various comparable policies. Our insurance experts can also advise you on the best package. Call us or visit us in Denver, CO today. 

My Employees Deliver With Their Personal Vehicles. Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

Did you know that delivery services are one of the most dangerous jobs in Denver, CO? With plenty of traffic and endless construction, it should come as no surprise that accidents are a common occurrence. If your company owns delivery vehicles, they absolutely need a commercial policy, but some companies make deliveries with employee-owned cars. When that is the case, do you still need a policy? Alliance General Insurance Agency has the answer.


The first thing to understand is that you may be held liable in the case of an accident. Even though your business doesn’t own the vehicle, the driver is representing your company. In the case of a lawsuit, the company is more frequently targeted than the employee. It’s a simple numbers game — businesses usually have more money than any individual driver. For this reason, you need some kind of liability insurance for your drivers. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a commercial policy, but that is a common way to address the issue.


The business is a more likely target for a lawsuit, but that isn’t the only way you can be hurt financially. If your employee driver is at fault, things can get rather complicated. Typically, a combination of driver and vehicle will be responsible for covering damages. In your case, you might think that it leaves you in the clear, but some situations can get complicated and leave you with the build regardless. What is more important is that personal insurance will not cover your employee or their vehicle. They absolutely need commercial insurance. The question is whether they will have to purchase it themselves or if you will provide it as a perk.

If you want to make sure your business and employees are protected, have a chat with your Alliance General Insurance Agency agent. They can help you find the most reasonable way to keep your people safe as they make deliveries throughout Denver, CO.


Do You Need Classic Car Insurance for Your Car?

If you own a classic car in Denver, CO, then you likely know just how valuable the vehicle can be. It is more than just your regular vehicle that is driven around the streets on a regular basis. You likely do not drive it very often and maybe are even taking it to car shows so you can show it off to everyone in attendance. It is something to be proud of but also to protect. Your classic car needs more than the standard type of auto insurance as a result, according to Alliance General Insurance Agency.

Since you do not drive your classic car on the road on a regular basis, having traditional auto insurance is not enough. While you should still have this type of coverage, as outlined by the state laws, you still need much more. A classic car is more valuable than a standard car and you likely do a lot of things to keep it up and maintain its beauty and build. Because of this, it makes sense to have classic car insurance that covers all of the necessary areas that standard auto insurance does not cover. You likely want to insure it for its full value if it were to be sold as well as make sure that it is protected if anything were to happen to it. 

When you own a classic car, you know you need to have more than the standard coverage. If you do not already have some in place, now is the time to get the coverage. You can reach out to us here at Alliance General Insurance Agency, serving Denver, CO, today to get a free quote for coverage. We will also review your specific needs as well as make sure that it is within your budget.